Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleeping Beauty: Nighttime Beauty Tips

   When Beauties wake up in the morning and head out into the world they take extra care washing,toning, moisturizing, and putting on their makeup with pride. However, not so much effort goes into the nigh-time routine, which is totally a big deal! Our skin braves the sun, pollution, and our hand contact all day, and at night it needs some revitalization. Several studies report that women who do not practice a night-time skin care routine are 10 times more likely to have puffy and/or darkened under eye circles, and an increase in wrinkles, and more frequent break-outs. Many of us know how to prep their skin for the daytime, and have heard the importance of using oil-controllers and  protective SPF,but surprisingly very few of us know the magnitude of night-time skin care practices and products. It may take a little extra time, but loving the skin your in is totally worth it. Here are some night-time skincare tips, to have you  glowing like a true sleeping beauty!

Sleeping Beauty Tip 1: Hold off on the fluids before bed!
            Of course we try to get our 8 glasses of water a day in, before we call it a night, but drinking a lot of water before sleeping can actually cause puffy and dark eye circles. When you sleep at night, the thin area under your eyes, retains water and fluid, which unfortunately can give you the raccoon look in the morning. It's best to stop drinking liquids at least two hours before bed time. Avoid caffeine at night at all cost, for both a good night's sleep and clear skin. A great nighttime eye cream can also aid in getting rid of dark circles and puffiness.

Sleeping Beauty Tip 2: Moisture is KEY!
         Dehydration is the biggest problem our skin faces at night. Putting a hydrating moisturizing cream  or a hydrating serum on your face at night is a major factor in slowing down the aging process, and keep your skin crystal clear. There are so many great choices out there, depending on age and budget range. Look for one with collagen and retinoids
(vitamins A,C,&K) to keep pores small and to minimize dark spots. Our skin attempts to restore itself while we sleep and actually absorbs serums and creams more deeply at night!
Lancome' Genefique Night Serum -very highly rated!

Sleeping Beauty Tip 3: NEVER sleep in makeup!
      Sleeping in makeup is the number one cause of breakouts in women. As tempting as it is to crash after coming home from a long day at work, or a long night of partying-it is detrimental to your skin to sleep in makeup. Your skin is fighting against the chemicals in makeup at night, which ends up in stretched, and clogged pores and oily skin. Sleeping in mascara and eyeliner can also cause your lashes to weaken and shed, as well as irritating eye infections. A great makeup remover like Pond's Cold Cream thoroughly removes all makeup, while moisturizing at the same time. 

Sleeping Beauty Tip 3: Exfoliate!

       Many people exfoliate in the morning, which can actually leave your skin more vulnerable to during the day. It's best to cleanse the day off by exfoliating at night, and following up with a moisturizer. A great tool for true exfoliation is the Clarisonic.It gives your face a great deep cleaning, while massaging the skin. The cool thing is that it times itself, knowing exactly how much time and attention your face needs to get thoroughly cleansed!

Sleeping Beauty Tip 4: Beauty is not just the face!

     We always want to put our best face forward, but its not our only part that needs revitalization after a long day. Exfoliating and moisturizing your hands and feet at night can truly a go a long way in keeping them youthful, pretty and healthy, not to mention longevity in between mani &pedi dates. Typing, cooking, washing dishes, and roaming the city in heels all day, can take its toll, if you don't take care. I swear by Partylite's Instant Manicure, it exfoliates and scrubs away dead skin leaving the skin on your hands and feet clean and silky smooth. Following up with a great shea butter on your hands and feet has an amazing, softening affect.

Sleeping Beauty Tip 5: Take care of that smile!

            In my opinion, a  great smile is woman's best feature! Taking the time to floss and brush your teeth at night, will your whites pearly, and your face girlie! Nighttime flossing and brushing is absolutely the best defense against cavities, gum disease, and gingivitis, not to mention scary morning breath. Having a healthy beautiful mouth, will truly give you something to smile about! And don't forget to moisturize those lips at night too! Classic Vaseline works great.

          Use these tips and you are guaranteed to be a true sleeping beauty, giving your skin the royal treatment. The coolest thing about a nightly beauty routine as that it gives you time all to yourself before bed to reflect on the day, unwind, and invest in your health and beauty!

Good night & Sleep Tight Beauties! XOXOXO -Laura Love

Monday, August 8, 2011

BEAUTY REPORT: Fall 2011 Trends!

Breaking Beauty News!
   The designers all over the world have spoken, sending down their models  for fashion week with the top makeup and nail looks for the fall. I'll give you a hint: brows, wings, matte...and snakes-Yes some of it might shock you!

Trend 1: Winged-Eyes
The winged eye-shadow and liner, seen on these Marc Jacobs models is so in! Bold and  intriguing, this is probably not the best look to wear to work, but awesome to try on the weekends or out on the town. The bonus of the winged-eye look is that it gives the illusion of a more defined cheeked bone, which instantly slims the face. Tip:To get the look-use this makeup artist trick of placing clear scotch tape from the top of the cheek bone right up to the temple, or wherever you want the wing when applying eye-shadow. After you covered the area remove the tape and it will look like you applied a perfectly defined strip of color!

                            Smokey with wings

Trend 2: Rich Lips

This season pair a nude matte face with rich juicy lips. Oranges, reds, and sultry maroons and dark wine colors are all the rave.The best thing about this look is that it gives a regal, expensive, and classy look with out a lot of effort. Orange and reddish colors look great on practically every skin tone, and there's so much variety out there! Tip: No more applying straight from the tube. Invest in a lip brush for a flawless application. I have one from E.L.F. cosmetics that makes my lips look perfectly painted. Not bad for $1.99!!!

Trend 3: Bold Brows

The catwalk had nothing but bold brows this season. Arched, highlighted,defined and completely full. To get the look, use a brow gel or brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color and blend to highlight the eyes. If your brows are on the sparse side, try the new brow markers they give an excellent natural looking fullness.

Trend 4: Slithering, Serpent Nails

Yes. Snakeskin is in, not just on bags and boots this year,but nails. Snake-like patterns are now the hottest nail design, and some celebrities are paying over $1000 for manis+ pedis that lays real shedded snake skin over their nails! Just an imitated pattern will be just fine for me, Thanks...

Even Estee Lauder is playing on the snake trend, with the new bronzer pattern!

Not quite into the snake trend? Well dark metallic nails will do. Grays, greens, silvers, and golds are the fall colors. These colors in the new Chanel nail collection set the mold. Stunning!

In my expert opinion ;) The new NARS fall collection is going to be one of  the hottest, for fall. It has elements of all the emerging trends, with classic subtly.

Well Beauties, Now your hip for the fall looks! Always Be Beautiful!
XOXOXOXO -Laura Love