Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deliciously Beautiful:Pumpkin Pie Face Mask

Pumpkins are more than just a large round decoration. They are a universal icon of the fall, and the holidays. When I see a pumpkin, I get a happy heart-warming feeling. However, I became even more pumpkin-happy to learn that pumpkins are an excellent beauty resource! 

The Pumpkin has versatile uses from Halloween decor to delicious pies, but surprisingly the pumpkin makes an excellent face mask ingredient for all skin types.Pumpkins naturally contain glycolic enzymes which help renew skin cells, they are rich in Vitamin A (skin healing), C (anti-oxidant) and the pumpkin replenishes and moisturizes dry skin and gives it a healthy bright glow.

 Many spas around the world use pumpkin in their skin treatments, but there's a way you can bring the spa to you!

This Pumpkin Pie Face Mask is an easy at-home spa treatment to protect and soothe your skin in the changing weather.

Ingredients :2 teaspoons cooked or canned pumpkin, pureed one-half teaspoon honey
one-quarter teaspoon milk (or soymilk)

Optional For Dry Skinone-quarter teaspoon heavy whipping cream (moisturizing; alpha hydroxy acid)
one-half teaspoon brown sugar
 Optional  For Oily Skin
 one-quarter teaspoon apple cider

Combine and mix the ingredients for your face mask. Gently apply the sweet smelling mask to your face avoiding the eye area. Rest and relax for 15 minutes while your pumpkin pie face mask gently exfoliates, nourishes and conditions your face. The bonus aromatherapy the mask gives will delight you! Rinse with warm water and apply the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

 Pumpkin Pie Face Mask!


Not the Do-It-Yourself type? That's OK! Try this Melis Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub that leaves your skin silky smooth. $27.00

Try some Pumpkin colored makeup & nails. ORANGE IS IN!

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Always Be Beautiful-XOXOXO Laura Love

Monday, October 24, 2011

Makeup Monday: SuperModel's Beauty Tips!

What can we say about Super Model's...I mean it's their job to be beautiful! How cool is that! I've collected some beauty tips from my favorite models. When these beautiful women pass on beauty tips, we should all take note!

KATE MOSS                                           

English and infamous Kate Moss, has been known as a controversial wild child in the industry. So, it's no surprise she believes in dramatic eye makeup. Her beauty tip "Always make your eyes stand out." Kate says she never goes anywhere without a black eyeliner with her, and smokey eyes are her favorite look. Kate has been known to do her own makeup for famous photo shoots and the catwalk.  On average, Kate makes about 9 million per Advertisement, so she's doing something right!   


Miss Fierce herself! I have so much respect for Tyra for accomplishing so many black model first, and taking her a career to a whole new level with being a CEO, producer, the host of two amazing shows, and starting a self-esteem summer camp for young girls. Tyra is all about keeping it real and readily admits her flaws, and campaigns against the eating disorders and drug use that can truly be the ugly-side of modeling.  Tyra is a busy, busy, busy woman! I swear by her beauty tip of using white eyeliner  on the water line to make tired eyes appear more open and awake! It really works like a charm.

Here is Tyra using the trick and she often does it on her show! Tyra's classmates use to make fun of her and say she looked like an alien when she was child...Ironic, because I think you would have to live in space now, to not know who she is! Trya made Forbes top 10 list 4 times in a row! You GO Girl.

Probably the most famous thing to come out of Brazil, besides the wax! Gisele has graced the cover of every major magazine, been crowned as the muse for Dior, and Naomi Campbell says that Gisele "brought sexy back" to the modeling industry. Gisele loves the natural beauty look. Her beauty tip is to keep your hair shiny by using coconut oil, brushing her teeth not twice, but 3 times a day, and avoiding direct sunlight between 12 and 2pm!  Gisele's beauty advice"Always powder your T-zone and the lines going from your nose down around your mouth so you don’t look like a bulldog. When those areas are shiny, it’s awful." Gisele admits that she use to have a problem picking pimples and blemishes and struggles with keeping her hands off her face. See, supermodels have flaws too! Gisele also uses Lancome' Pink Foam Cleanser to remove her makeup every night. 

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Always Be Beautiful!
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Makeup Monday:NARS 2011 Holiday Collection is here!

Happy Makeup Monday Beauties!
 Aside from the food, fun, and family that the holidays brings one thing that really brings me seasonal joy is the holiday makeup collections. Beauty brands put out their best and brightest during the holidays, making gift shopping a blast. The only problem is: I want to get everything for myself! The anxiously awaited fabulous holiday collection, that everyone will want Santa to put under the tree this year is NARS .

Luxury to its core, the collections is filled with rich ,classy colors, a hint of sparkle, dazzle, and  it gives so many mix and match options for sexy winter looks!
Let's take a look

Mariacarla Boscono,

Creative Director and Founder, Francois Nars photographed stunning Italian supermodel  Mariacarla Boscono, who served as the muse for this collection.
Mariacarla’s skin was first prepped with PRO-PRIME Pore Refining Primer, evened with Siberia Sheer Matte Foundation, and set with Snow Loose Powder to create a flawless complexion. I love how the powder is named "Snow Loose" for the winter holidays!
Nars is infamously known his  previous blush Orgasm, which has a cult like following. But in this collection he's released a color called G-Spot! Bold. It gives the chiseled highlight on her cheeks.

G-Spot Blush and Multiple

However, its all in the eyes for this look with the eyeshadow trio Arabian Nights the colors are powerful, and simply gorgeous. The sultry eyes are complimented with the Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara.
Arabian Nights! A must have!!!

The holiday collection staple Joyous Red Lipstick is another bright star of the collection!
I must confess my favorite part of the holiday collection is the nail polish! I have the Orgasm polish and the quality is great! It goes on smooth and stays put.  These new colors are perfect for the holidays without being too cliche. They truly have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!

The collection's eyeliners
You really can't ever go wrong with NARS, but I believe this is one of the best collections yet! When you get your hands on these it will be Happy Holidays indeed. If any makeup junkies like myself, or just recreational users get the products and create a look be sure to take pictures and send them to

I hope everyone who is close to me knows they will be recieving some type of beauty products from me for the holidays this year (occupational perk)!

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Always Be Beautiful!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty Icon Miss Piggy releases MAC and OPI Line!

Miss Lorelei Piggy
 37 year old Beauty, Style, and Fashion Icon MISS PIGGY is making a come-back like never before. With her OPI nail polish line kicking off this fall, brand new Disney Movie, and MAC cosmetics line in the works she is the hottest thing in beauty since mascara!

Miss Piggy made a grand appearance at Macy's during New York Fashion Week and Apparently  Designers including Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors have been sending her over 1,000 pieces and ideas for all her events coming up.

However, this little piggy is no stranger to the spotlight. Miss Piggy has been known for her over-the-top personality, glamorous looks, and
can-do attitude!

No wonder the beauty industry giants snatched her up. Miss Piggy told Elle magazine that she never leaves the house without makeup, and if she wasn't a famous TV star she would have been a fashion editor!

When Miss Piggy was asked about dressing as a plus-sized Pig in the industry she responded "If it's expensive, it fits."

Let's take a look at some of her iconic beauty moments:

 This is one of the looks for the MAC ads and Miss Piggy eyeshadow collection to be released this winter. Too fab! I def will be buying!
The OPI Nail Polish collection is already in stores & the colors are rich, glamorous and stylish just like the Pig behind them.

My faves are getting’ Miss Piggy with it’a sparkly red color and 'Divine Swine' a gorgeous champagne hue.

Here is a sexier side of Miss Piggy we've never seen before!


Here's Miss Piggy with Singer, Songwriter Neyo who did some of the tracks for the Muppet Movie coming to theatres on Thanksgiving Day. Neyo loves working with Disney, and also made a song for the Princess and the Frog Soundtrack.

Speaking of a frog and a princess, here is Miss Piggy with her on-again, off-again fiance' and co-star Kermit the Frog. Miss Piggy says she and Kermit are like "Oprah and Stedman"!

Here is Miss Piggy Dolled up for lunch with the Queen! 

One of the reasons we love Miss Piggy is because of her confidence and attitude. Proving that Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes and sometimes may not even be human!

I can't wait to review her MAC products and see The Muppets Movie this fall. For more updates, pics, and beauty tips follow @LauraLoveBeauty on Twitter, and send all inquiries to

Take a cue from Miss Piggy and Always Be Beautiful!
XOXOXO-Laura Love

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beyonce’s Countdown Looks are a Perfect 10!

Happy Makeup Monday!
And just when I thought I couldn’t love B anymore……

HOW HOT is her Retro Makeup in the Countdown Video?!?!?!?!

Mama B's fun and colorful retro looks in the Countdown video she released this weekend are AMAZING!
Beyonce’ took that infamous long blonde hair  to black and short and took on some Iconic Beauty looks from the 50s, 60s, and 70s –She gave us a little My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy!  

The Mod look is re-done 2011 style and in full color effect

These yellow & pink eyes are hot!

Who else would wear a leotard while pregnant and look awesome in it?

The infamous baby is due in February!

So If you scroll a couple of post down, I told ya’ll orange was gonna be hot this season!  
 Beyonce proves my point with her long pumkin colored nails that look beautiful!
Read "Orange Crush" for more Orange beauty looks this season.

She took it back to her Dream Girls look!

I absolutely love makeup and fashion from  "back in the day" and the statements women make with their looks. This is not the first time I've loved Beyonce in a retro look-remember her Why Don't You Love Me? 50s look that I also love.

I would love the Makeup Artist autograph. Well I’m off to practice these look. Happy Makeup Monday peeps! Follow @LauraLoveBeauty for more pics and tips.

Always Be Beautiful
XOXOXO-Laura Love

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Makeup Monday: Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Happy Makeup Monday!
                Two words: Think Pink! October kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness month, giving us new hope and reminding us to keep a strong- survivor mentality! One beautiful way you can empower all that are affected by breast cancer and help find a cure is to keep your beauty purchases pink this month. It’s so exciting to see all the cosmetic stores filled with pink as so many companies and designers have got on board with making limited-edition products for the cure and the proceeds benefit BCA charities!
Here are some of my favorites:

 The Stila Positive and Pretty Palette is one of my favorite BCA products this year. In fun, chic packaging the pretty shades of pink (4 eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer/highlighter) are wearable for all skin tones, and easy to carry on the go. Cleverly, it comes with a mirror and facechart to help you achieve the perfect look! All that must be expensive right? NOPE.Only $14! Super Awesome!
Get it at or or any cosmetic retailer

This pale pink polish by Essie is sweet, chic, and very classy. Essie, which has a reputation for being one of the best in the nail business, is donating the profits to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. LBBC is a dynamic organization that has been a resource for women and their families for over 20 years.

Get it at $8, , or any beauty supply store.

Pink Designer fragrances are the trend for BCA month!
Hanae Mori  4. Is a delicious floral and fruity scent, and the company will donate 10,000 of the sales.

Micheal Kors Very Hollywood pink lip gloss and perfume combo is a sexy and sophisticated , and plans to donate 10,000 of the sales.

Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum Spray is an intoxicating Jasmine scent and she’s taking it a step above donating 15,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
All of these scents are quite pricey($ 90-95), but are a good investment in more ways than one. Get them at any department stores where perfumes are sold.

This is the prettiest eyelash curler I’ve ever seen and one of the coolest ! Sephora is donating $1 of every sale of their pink lash-lengthening contraption to the BC Research Foundation. A lot of women are intimidated by eyelash curlers, but they won’t hurt you I promise!
Get it at for $16.00 or at any Sephora retailer
With the cold months now among us, we need a good lip balm and EOS  is the perfect supplier. The Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is donating 5% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. These sweet and moisturizing treats are only $3.29 at Ulta or (My sister loves these! Every time I go to Ulta I grab a green one for her, but she’ll be getting pink this month!)

Ok, so these aren’t a beauty product but beauty & wellness go together, and running in these awesome kicks will definitely keep you fit and beautiful. Plus, I just think they are so cute! Reebok plans to donate $750,000 to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!
Get these for $99 anywhere sportswear is sold
Last, but not least this chic and convenient brush set comes from a proud breast cancer survivor herself, makeup artist Sonia Kashuk. Her pink on-the-go kit includes five makeup brushes and a metallic carrying case — perfect for travel. 15% of the purchase price will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Get the $14.00 Sonia Kashuk Proudly Pink Five-Piece Purse Brush Set at Target today!

These are just of few of my faves , there are many other BCA beauty items to choose from! So when your shopping this month think strong, think brave, think hope, think pink!!!!!!!

Always Be Beautiful-XOXOXOX Laura Love