Monday, February 27, 2012

Makeup Monday:Beauty Trends at the Oscars!

Happy Makeup Monday! 

Beauty was bountiful last night on the Red Carpet at the 84th annual Academy Awards! 

I love to see celebrities pull out all the stops!

Check out the looks.

Bright Lips

 Angelina Jolie was simply stunning as usual! Her berry lips glowing skin, and toussled waves fit her perfectly! Elegant and and classic with a pop of color! 

Mila Jovovich looks like a beautiful vixen with her fire engine red lips! Her soft hues of blush on the apples of her cheeks really give her look a classy old-school Hollywood feel.

 Mara Rooney's bold brows and bold lips are amazingly crisp to compliment her chiseled cheek bones. 

 Michelle William's lips went with a fun, flirty pink lip that compliments her so well.  Red lips are always a classic, but this pink was my favorite of the night! Fresh! 

The "No Makeup" Makeup Look 

No one does natural beauty like Gwyneth Paltrow! With nude lips and eye shadow.She lets her features shine with this nude, natural look. Her radiant skin is what gets all the attention. This look is definitely coveted by all. 

Penelope Cruz was another natural beauty. Always gorgeous and classy! 
Use illuminators, bronzers, and matte foundation to achieve this look! 

The Eyes Have It

 The amazing Viola Davis uses a beautifully pigmented green shadow to match her dress and compliment her deep eyes and flawless skin! I absolutely adore her regal and graceful beauty. 

 Emma stone witha pretty pink shadow on the lids and all they way up to the brow bone. So pretty!

Always sexy J. Lo matched her form-fitting dress with a cat-eye liner. Her signature glowing highlighted skin did not disappoint.

Well Beauties,
these were some of my favorite trends on the red carpet What were yours?

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Always Be Beautfiul! XOXOXOX~Laura Love

Monday, February 20, 2012

Makeup Monday: 80's Whitney Houston!!!

Happy Makeup Monday Beauties!
It was truly devastating to hear that the beautiful and talented Whitney Houston passed away. Her songs have a very special place in my heart. I love Whitney's bright, fun looks in the 80's the most! And what do you know? These looks are back today in 2012! 

Here are some luxurious new products beauty lovers everywhere can use to get a Whitney inspired look: 
1. Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick in L31 Rose Fuchsia – gorgeous bright pink creamy lipstick, essential for this 80s vibe! ($31,
2.YSL Vinyl Candy Palette - perfect for recreating Whitney’s How Will I Know pink and purple makeup look ($39,, www.
3. YSL Rouge Volupte Perle lipstick in 114 Sparkling Fuchsia – the perfect bold pink with an added bit of superstar sparkle! ($22,,
4. Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick in Fever – super-sophisticated American lipstick, deep bold pink shade. ($22,
5. YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres Eyeshadow No13 - coulnd’t get more 80s if it tried! You’ll be channelling your inner Whitney with this the minute you open it up! Gorgeous green, orange, blues and lilac all round a citrus yellow.($39.50,,
6. Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine Hydrating Glosstick SPF15 in Paradise – a beautiful sheer orange shade, perfect complement to bold 80s eyes! ($13,
7. Top Shop Blush in Flush in Rose - cream to powder blush – gives a bold shot of colour to your cheeks! ($6,
And here are the two videos to enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Makeup Musings of Nicki Minaj

Happy Makeup Monday Beauties!

Love or hate Nicki, you know who she is. This crazy female artist who seemed to take over the music industry overnight. However, music is not the only industry where Nicki is thriving. The beauty industry has taken her on as an icon like no other. With two MAC makeup lines, an OPI nail polish line, and a signature fragrance coming this summer, it's safe to call her a beauty queen!

Nicki's crazy hair and vibrant makeup are always a media topic of discussion. Her dramatic use of color, and fantasy themed makeup is always fun!

Not to many rappers have performed at the Super Bowl half-time performance, and Nicki is the first female rapper to do so! Nicki puts a spin on the classic red lip and black liner look, with a bold red pigment you could notice from space and eyelashes and thick liner that isn't far behind.

Nicki loves lashes!

Nicki is a self-proclaimed "lash girl" and confessed she feels naked without her falsies. She told Elle, "I used to wear the individual lashes, but those became so my makeup artist has been experimenting with cutting lash strips in half and piling them on top of each other." 

Self-taught celebrity artist Day Hill

Nicki has used the same artist Day Hill, from Atlanta for 3 years now. Day is from Atlanta and her other most famous client is Michelle Obama! Hard to believe that the First Lady and Nicki Minaj have used the same artist, since their looks are so different. That just shows how versatile and talented Day is. 

Her best makeup tip: Instead of applying an undereye concealer, she uses a lighter shade of foundation and also uses it to contour her nose. Nicki loves M.A.C. Pro Longwear foundation for both her face and legs. She advised, "If you change your makeup a lot and want coverage without wearing something heavy, put that one on. It's really lightweight."

 Curious how Nicki still manages to keep her skin looking flawless with all her heavy makeup?  Her secret is to take her makeup off before going to bed and use a classic product like Dove Deep Moisturize Beauty Bar to wash her face. 

Nicki's barbie pink lips started a huge trend and she made her first big hit in the beauty industry by teaming up with MAC for her lipstick "Pink Friday" named after her album. The Pink Friday lipstick was sold out everywhere the 1st week it debuted! The color is a youthful, feminine pink that is hard not to love. 

Nicki's First Collaboration with MAC, Pink Friday Lipstick

After seeing her success with makeup, the nail industry decided they wanted to get their piece of the action too, and in January Nicki released her signature line of polishes, which have already been quite successful. The polishes are mostly named after some of her most popular songs.

The colors are 1.Super Bass Shattered, 2. Did It On Em, 3.Metallic 4 Life, 4.Pink Friday,5. Save Me, and 6. Fly 

MAC and Nicki continued their beautiful friendship with her as the new face of the VIVA GLAM collection, which is full of beautiful colors. Every cent of Viva Glam lipstick and lipgloss or ("lip glass" as MAC calls it) goes to the MAC AIDS FUND. THE MAF has done great work doing research for new medicines, promoting safe sex, and HIV/AIDS awareness. 

Nicki recently took her music and her makeup to a whole new level with her new video "Stupid Hoe" Nicki made the song as a dis to female rapper Lil Kim, who has been calling Nicki her copycat and a "Kim-Clone" and an "airhead".

Lil Kim back then

Nicki Now

Lil Kim back then

Nicki Now

Hmmm.....The doll look, plastic surgery, bold colored hair and makeup-the styles are undeniably similar! 

ANYWAY-Nicki believes its her time to shine now and Lil Kim should've be-friended her to revive her career, instead of starting a battle she could never win. Nicki has never been afraid to speak her mind on the topic and openly addresses the issue in her song "Stupid Hoe" where her makeup looks are bolder than ever.

These looks are crazy, but I love them!

Nicki says "I'm Angelina your Jennifer, come on Bitch you see where Brad at"!!!!

Whoa. Can't We all just get along?

Guess not, but Nicki has managed to stay out of the drama, drugs, and violence that Lil Kim let shadow her career and channeled her energy into business and beauty instead. I hope it stays that way.

I'm anxiously awaiting Nicki's fragrance release, that she says will smell "Summer-y, but have a va-va-voom factor. I 
want to smell 

like a confident, sexy woman, not like candy." 

 I must admit, I'm mostly anxious to see what the bottle will look like!

We've seen Nicki's hair every color blue, green, pink, purple,blonde, and even cheetah print! I wonder what she'll do next! Nicki's influence and successful collaboration with big names in the beauty industry is just another example of why I love the beauty industry! It gives creative, confident women an expressive way to thrive.

Take a cue from Nicki and just have fun with color!

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Always Be Beautiful!